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Growth Coach Franchise: Benefits of Multi-unit Franchise Opportunities

When a franchisee owns and is operating more than one unit in the same region, it is called as a multi-unit franchising. In multi-unit franchising, there is a franchise agreement specifying the number of units that the multi-unit franchisee is allowed to open, the time period and the specific territory. The multi-unit franchise has become increasingly popular over the past years, altering the traditional model of franchising. This model involves a franchisor bringing in individuals to run each business location. In multi-unit, franchisors are mostly now large corporations, aside from single-owned or owned by couple or partnerships.


It is a fact that burger franchise may actually require a higher level of investment, providing a more stable and higher success rate. It offers an opportunity for franchisees to exercise freedom and power in their own systems. To name a few, popular categories include hair care, cleaning services, fast food, and home improvement. The benefits of muti-unit franchising include profitability, acceleration of overall success, cost efficient advertising campaign, less training and assistance needed from the franchisor, flexibility in staffing, and buying power leveraging. In multi-unit franchising, the costs are distributed in multiple locations, so there is a reduced expense per unit. Vacation leaves of employees are more flexible since multi-units are geographically closer, allowing shifting of employees from one location to another in terms of untoward incidents or absences. Having multiple units give entrepreneurs substantial savings when it comes to purchasing supplies for multiple locations as compared to servicing one unit because supplies can be purchased in bulk and are divided into these stores.


The most attractive driving power of multi-unit franchising is profitability because each location has the opportunity and ability to make a profit, putting more money into your pocket. And just in case one store does not sell well, other stores can take over the supplies, acting like a shock absorber to prevent total closure. Opening additional units once your initial unit becomes successful allow you to manage and exercise your expertise in operating the same products and services with the help of your franchisor. Being granted with your own territorial rights, you can monopolize the brand within your territory, carrying out your own marketing strategy, and gaining solely the profit in your area.So instead of investing into a different coaching franchise, as an investor, you'll gain greater profit with owning multiple units under one franchisor in your own territory. If you are interested in knowing more about multi-unit franchising, we can offer coaching session just for you.


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